For Nutritionists

Monthly Membership



Creating Your Profile
  • Customized Professional profile on our website
  • Access to our membership portal
  • Monthly maintenance and updates to your profile
  • Promote you on our website and social media pages
  • Client referrals sent directly to you!
  • Client intake forms sent directly to you!
  • No set-up fee!


*If you have additional profile pictures, certifications, videos or other credentials you would like to have added to your profile, simply email us at

Direct Referrals

At SHF we will always continue to help market and support coaches, not only by featuring their profiles on our websites homepage and our social media channels. But by also making “direct referrals”. Direct referrals are referrals SHF will make directly on your behalf if a client should make a special request for a particular type of training style or programming need. We will message you directly on your profile when this becomes available.

Online Coaching

Your monthly membership comes with a “coaching license”. This license gives you access to our member portal. Our members use our coaching app’s to create and design nutrition programs. However, many of them require the guidance and expertise only a trained coach can provide.  The more familiar you become with using the applications, the greater your business will grow, since we have clients that come to our website from all over and many may not be able to work with you in-person. You can work as many clients over the apps as you like and charge them whatever you like at no extra cost from SHF.

Mobile Coaching

After signing-up, you will receive an email prompting you to complete your registration. Once registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email will contain a link with instructions on how to download the mobile app. Once downloaded, SHF will connect you with clients who have downloaded the app and they will automatically appear in the mobile app’s client messaging center. From here you will have access to their contact details, submitted forms,check their performance and send messages.

In - Person Training

The purpose of clients wishing to train in-person is deeply rooted in the fact they require motivation, support and encouragement. It is highly expected as a professional, that you will be there as their coach to guide and assist them through their health and fitness programs. SHF bears no responsibility once the client/coach relationship begins. We will be there to assist, however, in facilitating that relationship in whatever way we can.